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Volterman :World first smart wallet that has thief detection camera

Volterman :World first smart wallet that has thief detection camera

by Samuel OnyikeOctober 4, 2017

One of the best kickstarters ever is the Volterman smart wallet. What makes a wallet smart?
 A regular wallet is just used to keep money intact and most at times not really safe. Regular wallets does not really get things intact for you. Then what makes a smart wallet different from regular smart wallets?.
A smart watch can help you keep your money safe.
A smart watch can serve as a power-bank
A smart watch can really tell location
A smart watch can help you find your phone.

The few features of s smart watch mentioned above is what Volterman smart wallet is all about. Volterman smart watch is packed with the following features.
Built-in Powerbank (from 2,000 to 5,000 mAh)
Global GPS Tracking
Thief Detection Camera.
Worldwide WiFi Hotspot
Distance Alarm
Water resistant
Wireless charging

The creator of Volterman smart wallet had in mind, how to avoid that stress of looking for a missing phone or wallet. According to Ttechgrid.
Azat(the chief technician) Having lost his wallet several times started to think about developing an easy way to find it. He felt the need even more when his 3-year old daughter hid the wallet behind the stove. He thought that it was lost, and spent more than a month getting the documents inside reissued! He started to search the market of smart wallets, but all the smart wallets had only a Bluetooth tracking within 20 meters

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