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Do you know iPhone X has a dual battery ?

Do you know iPhone X has a dual battery ?

by Samuel OnyikeNovember 3, 2017
Do you know iPhone X has a dual battery ?

More and more convenient ways of placing phone battery exist but Apple decided to make it different for iPhone X. 
 Pledging by the torn down of iPhone X by gsmarena, it reveals that Apple did not pack in a single battery to sum up to 2716mAh. The apple logo company summoned courage to mash up the battery cap in two batteries.,It is not revealed how the capacity is spilt but the tear down shows a small battery and a big one.

Do you know iPhone X has a dual battery ?

So my best guess is that for the iPhone X coming with dual battery makes it able to optimise battery life by splitting task load as well.

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Let’s say the smaller batter has the smallest battery capacity hence it powers lesser task. And the bigger one does more.

It is no longer news that Apple comes up with the eureka and other company follows. Although Vivo is boasting a screen embedded finger print sensor before Apple who was most expected to feature it in iPhone X. So as stated you could expect to see dual battery rampant in phones soon, cause it is one the secret to iPhone X battery optimising tricks. Already tech authors are confirming the superb battery optimising in IPhone X.

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