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FIXT Nomad helps you drink up clean water anywhere, anytime

FIXT Nomad helps you drink up clean water anywhere, anytime

by Samuel OnyikeNovember 15, 2017
FIXT Nomad helps you drink up clean water anywhere, anytime
Startups are directed towards solving the pressing need of every human being especially the one that is most closest to us – Water.

Safe water is vital to every human a it matters most for the best body functionality. Human body works optimally when you take is clean alkaline water, but it is sad to note that most water you see all around tend to be more acidic. 
Ian Stanley with a project at Indiegogo has a fix for that – FIXT Nomad.

FIXT Nomad – Fastest water purification device. you can choose to call it a device of tool, but just bear in mind that it works fast and without the need for electricity. FIXT Nomad is a portable usually black device that filters any water except the salty ones. FIXT Nomad has a nice way of filtering water but keeping the minerals in the water that your body needs. Ian claim that FIXT Nomad can go as far as filtering toilet water. 
So long as you use FIXT Nomad you are guaranteed clean water of up to 100 Gallons that is 378 liters i.e FIXT Nomad can filter up to 100 gallons of water.

FIXT Nomad is a must have if you are the traveling type and the tendency to have a clean water is low cause it works seamlessly with no wait time or delay. 

How does FIXT Nomad purify water instantly?
Well, it might interest you that packed in a device that can fit into your pocket is a complete water purification system.
Tiny Purification layer in the FIXT Nomad gets rid of bacteria , radiological contaminants and heavy metal. Also when to get rid of contaminants, FIXT Nomad has a layer that contains activated coconut carbon.


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