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How to speed up facebook

How to speed up facebook

by Samuel OnyikeNovember 30, 2017
How to speed up facebook

Facebook works pretty cool when you have phone of 2GB RAM. It is no longer as fast as it was in devices of 1GB RAM due to the new features Facebook keep rolling out in updates. The auto-play videos and HD photos can take up much CPU process of your phone. So i’ll share you steps which can help leverage your phone or stress and use Facebook fluently.

Clear Cache: Facebook stores up most cache than other apps in my device, i don’t know about you and each time i launch facebook, there is this disturbing lag. So here is how i fixed it. I closed faebook when it seems to be lagging and i do this:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Apps
  • Find Facebook application and tap on clear cache.
  • New android version wil bring up storage option instead. Tap on the storage, there you’ll find “Clear Cache”. Tap on it.

Disable auto-play videos: Videos are set top play immediately the get the part of your screen where it is assumed you are seeing it. This can make facebook lag a when you phone have a 1 GB RAM. But here is a fix – click here.

Use Facebook Lite: Facebook got the fact that the main facebook app can be feature full, lag and consume much data, so the made a lite version of facebook that needs less to work. Facebook lite ca work on a slow internet connection and it will never lag.

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