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Moon by 1-Ring – First smart levitating camera

Moon by 1-Ring – First smart levitating camera

by Samuel OnyikeNovember 6, 2017
Moon by 1-Ring - First smart levitating camera

You may have probably heard of levitation speakers – those speakers that defy gravity and go some centimeters up and yet deliver quality sounds. I love the levitating speakers and it’s goodness as it comes real handy especially when you do not have the 3.5mm headphone jack on your phone. The levitating speakers are bluetooth connected hence making it a suitable option in case of no head phone jack

That’s much for the levitating bluetooth speakers.

How about a Levitation camera?

Meet – Moon

Moon is a Smart camera by  1-Ring, it  that can literally float over it’s dedicated surface, capture scenic moments in HD and clear picture quality.  Besides, it is wirelessly charged and USB type-c port supporting which last for five hours per charge. Moon is stabilized perfectly to rotate in 360 direction, more like a good option for panorama image capturing.
Moon by 1-Ring - First smart levitating camera

Moon has a wide angle range lens and advance CMOS sensors beating most security purposed cameras. When it comes to low light environment, MOON still captures well illuminated and bright crisp images.

Packed into one Levitating camera are Temperature, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and humidity sensors. These sensors are to dictate and recommend the best environmental condition, “telling you went to let some air”.  The received information or data by this sensors can be shared with smart devices connected in your home – IOT. Using IR blasting techonology (An infrared blaster (or IR blaster) is a device that emulates an infrared remote control to autonomously control a device that is normally controlled only by remote), Moon is able to control devices like your air conditioner These makes MOOM camera the one stop solution for home smart camera.

Moon by 1-Ring - First smart levitating camera

To serve as some sort of watchman, Moon has 2 inbuilt microphone which can tell the direction of sound and turn seamlessly to that direction, letting you know when someone is around via the phone application. Adding to the 2 Microphones, is a third one alongside a loudspeaker, this two work together perfectly, listening to activities around the camera and good for video calls.
Moon smart camera -specification

You chose between three colors of Moon smart camera, Galactic grey, Star white and moonlight silver.


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