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Which gadgets are best for this Christmas ?

Which gadgets are best for this Christmas ?

by Samuel OnyikeNovember 7, 2017
Christmas gadget

You can sense the Christmas on it’s way and if you don’t feel that, move down to the north pole. Never mind, as the days go by we come to the end of this year and you know what comes with the last month of the year. In Nigeria we experience hamarttan while some other parts of the world have the snowy times. Any how you experience this Christmas there are gadgets you should tag along when it comes to the occasion. The idea of the write up is to recommend the best of gadgets need for the best times with family and for gifting this Christmas. Let me kickstart.

For the best phone to have this Christmas is the RAZER PHONE.
Surprised ? Razer phone is not on sale now but wait till 17th November to get it the outlets. So if you do not know the Razer why don’t take a look at this. – Razer phone. The reason Razer recommended above the phones you may be expecting is that so far, Razer phone has the generally new features other phones don’t have.  120hz display frequency is a good catch.

When it comes to playing music you have a powerful THX speaker embedded in Razer phone and the display is one in a million. not some sort of promo but i have to give it the credits.

Not to talk much of wearables the best so far are the apple wearables – Watch series. The sleek design is one of the best so far.It’s performance beats others. Watch the hands on review by 9to5mac.


Playing music during this festive season cannot be an option and what matter most is the how you enjoy the music. You can believe me that the most popular way to listen to music world-wide is by a phone. But the annoying side it the fact that most tech companies are getting rid of the convenient means of enjoying music – 3.5mm headphone jack. That leaves us with one option, going wireless. Slowly the world is gradually throwing away wires. The only option left is using a Wireless speaker, connected to your phone. So the best recommendation for a suitable headphone that will suit your variety can be found here. Series and option are given, so you will just get the best to satisfy your music taste. So check it out.

Speaking of wallets, you do not get the regular as the best recommendation. Smart wallets are already out and you should grab yourself one. Volterman smart wallet is what you want to have. It bags a lot of features, you may want to peep into here.

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