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Wiggle kit – add sound effect to your voice by just moving your hands

Wiggle kit – add sound effect to your voice by just moving your hands

by Samuel OnyikeNovember 13, 2017
Wiggle kit

Technology cuts across various fields in life and music is not left out. The next generation music effects device is the Wiggle Kit.

The white small hand-held device is a motion sensor device that follows you hand movement and direction while adding the music effect and also removing it when you go the reverse direction.
Wiggle kit  is designed to work with the movement of your hand in horizontal direction, vertical direction and twist if your palm. Wiggle kits application in your phone comes already packed with 20+ music effects which you have on your regular music rig. 

What you get
You have the Wiggle device that you can hold or attach to your microphone, wiggle kit application that gives you access to 20+ music effects, 150cm yellow USB cable for connecting the wiggle kit when you want to charge. Microphone strap that holds the Wiggle device to microphone and a quick start guide to help you get set.

How it works
Connect the wiggle kit device to your phone and select the sound effect you want. Sing into your phone’s microphone and move the wiggle device in directions to use the effects. You have an option to use wiggle with an external microphone after you must have connected it to your music rig set up via your choice MIDI software. So you can now add effects to your voice and control it with the movement of the hand. Awesome huh. Every singer needs this hand device.
Wiggle kit

Wiggle Kit was developed by OWOW
A tech startup based in Eindhoven, Europe’s leading innovative technology region. Our team consists of music, tech and design wizkids with a strong vision for the future of musical instruments. OWOW is creating a new method of making music, beats and effects with the invetion of WOB, SCAN and DRUM.

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For the technical specifications. wiggle 

Body: Aluminum 
Dimension: 60mm in length, 37mm wide and 11mm thick.
Rechargeable battery lasts up to 4hrs per charge
Bluetooth enabled
bright status LED
Soft touch rubber buttons
USB port for charging

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