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5G has been certified, expect it in 2018

5G has been certified, expect it in 2018

by Samuel OnyikeDecember 22, 2017

3GGP, The company which tasks is to regulate the implementation standards of 5G, 4G successor,  has successfully completed the needed specifications for 5G in towers, phones and any enabling device.
This means that phone makers and telecommunication companies can now have a basis and work on a single platform on featuring 5G both on towers and cell phone.

4G speed ranges from 5 Megabits per second to 12Mbps making it 10 times faster than 3G, literally 5G is going to be 10 times faster than 4G as well which means expect a minimum speed of 50Mbps – 120Mbps. The speed might vary in your location, it can even be worse depending on the network facilities working.

Which phone maker will be the first to have 5G in it’s product ? My best guess is Blackberry, the company is coming out with a news device  BBD100 and having 5G in this device will be a big leverage to the company.

Nigerian is yet to fully implement 4G. Meanwhile in 2018 5G will be in the stage which 4G is in Nigeria for the developed part of the world.

Everything you need to know about 5G can be found here, especially the technical specifications and implementation.

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