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How to enable HTTPS in Blogger Blogs or Website – Latest

How to enable HTTPS in Blogger Blogs or Website – Latest

by Samuel OnyikeDecember 23, 2017
How to enable HTTPS in Blogger Blogs or Website

Blogger or blogspot as some may call it has just rolled out some interesting feature for blogs or website hosted in Blogger server. The feature in quote is the HTTPS feature on custom domain. This means you can enable HTTPS in blogger blogs on your custom domain just like most respected sites.

Normally, HTTPS on blogger blogs can be achieved by creating a Cloudflare account , making it your nameserver and pushing the right buttons, but not anymore.

The feature which brings secured connection was prior to the announcement made by Google which states that site that do not have SSL certificates will rank lower in search ranking.
The feature is still on the beta state and has not fully be implemented but it doesn’t have any downtime.

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You are safe to believe that Google is going through some sort of server side upgrade that may have created a glitch in Adsense causing blank spaces on publishers websites due to Ads not showing.
Let’s hope 2018 is the beginning of a new thing.

How to enable HTTPS in Blogger Blogs or Website

How to enable HTTPS on Blogger Blog with a custom domain

  • Head over to your dashboard using this link –
  • Go to settings  – Basic 
  • Change HTTPS availability to “YES”
  • At first the redirect to HTTPS is not available until for couple if hours than you can toggle on HTTPS redirect.
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I saw this yesterday by a friend who showed me and i hope it gives some respect to Blogs on Blogger and reduce the huge migration from blogger to WordPress that causes downtimes.

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