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Nigerians do not use Google Plus and this is why

Nigerians do not use Google Plus and this is why

by Samuel OnyikeDecember 12, 2017
Nigerians do not use Google Plus and this is why

Google Plus of all social networks is the 5th you will want to join and the reason for this distaste is not a hidden secret and a solution can easily implement. Plus Google or Google Plus is more like a social network owned by Google obviously aside Allo and Hangout. It works like every social media where you create your account and get to meet people. But if all the social media have the same mode of operation, what makes some better and interesting than others? 

Que: Who still uses Hangout?

I will point out why most people, not only Nigerian do not use Google plus. so far is the only social network that understands what it means to be a social network. It never gets boring ,so far it boasts 2 billion active users. The same cannot be said for the likes of Twitter and Google plus that most people have lost hope in, me included. 

Google plus barely targets it audience:
Each time i go to Google plus, i cannot relate with some of the contents there, then i wonder isn’t there some geo-targeting implemented. I get to see stuffs from people from another part of the world, thats cool but not when it is the only thing i see. It feels as if, or Africa  as a whole is left out of the metrics, so they just dump Google plus.

Marketing fails most times:
When you look up how many social media marketers use Google plus, you will be so much surprised to note that Ads do not display on Google plus and that is not something to be happy about. Business will need to reach people anywhere they are at. Strategist have tried to come up with convenient means of getting to potential customers but they end up putting much effort that yields extremely low results.

Google plus is not fun:
In Google plus you only “Plus 1” post all day. It is said that, when you “Plus one” a post on Google plus, you have shared it to your circle automatically. Great, but when is comes to creating the circle, you have to be some sort of “circle manager”, so you don’t spam or share to the wrong people. This makes the whole thing tasking, let alone getting people into the circle.

few reviews of Google plus app

Dull communities:
The place where you get to meet people of like minds in Google plus is the in communities, but what happens when a ton of Communities exist but due to lack of users, the communities feel cold. At least that is how every Nigerian experiences it.

Not a reliable source of traffic:
So i came to a facebook group (Bloggers Helping Blogger) and i asked if anyone has a working means of driving traffic from Google Plus. The results i got was negative and i was not surprised. Social networks helps web-masters to get traffic from by targeting a post to the right audience, too bad Google plus just doesn’t care.

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