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Nokia 9 leaked specifications

Nokia 9 leaked specifications

by Samuel OnyikeDecember 20, 2017
Nokia 9 leaked specifications

Nokia had finally carved a niche out of the tight competition and still making significant progress. The HMD company is about to launch Nokia 9 the next phone after Nokia 8. The leaked specification of the phone has come around and you will be surprised to know that the phone will have up to 4 camera. Two in front set at 5mp and the other two behind capturing at 13Mp. Nokia 9 is said to have Android 8.0 pre-loaded making it the first and only Nokia phone to have the Operating system.

Display size you should be expecting is 5.5 inches at 1440×2560 resolution. The CPU is said to be octa-core and of Snapdragon 835. You should look out for the 3.55mm headphone jack in Nokia 9 . Remember these features are not official and are bound to different on launch.

So far, the released as rumor flies is on January 19, 2018.

Have fun watching this collection of phone concepts.


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