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Twitter dropped in Alexa ranking and this is why

Twitter dropped in Alexa ranking and this is why

by Samuel OnyikeDecember 2, 2017

Twitter has been experiencing a lot of setback as other social media platform have overtaken and dusted it – especially. The blue bird social platform which ranked 12 amongst all the website in the world has fallen down to 13, not much if a fall but it is the beginning of one.

Twitter changing terms and condition like a baby changes diaper which users mostly don’t take note of still have some of their rules strict.

There are several bunch of reasons why Twitter is failing, but I will highlight a few aside uninteresting layout, less social-engagement tools and poor marketing strategy.

Now, the major reason why twitter is failing is

Limited Number of Character: Why would a social network in this 21st century give someone 140 character limit and still expect to make sense to users. Users will not go to a place where they are been restricted and told how many characters they can use while typing.
The 140 character limit is a new feature in twitter and it took those behind twitter more than a decade to realise that users need more characters to express themselves. Still the 140 character limit is not even enough for Donald trump who still make more than one tweets in order to convey a message.
Why would i use a social media that makes my life difficult and limits my number of characters which makes me not to express myself and yet is has less user compared to other social media sites that do not limit my number of characters.

Stressful for Webmasters: If you place your link on twitter without performing the HTML ritual, most people will see your link as some junk of text and probably skip it. To fix that twitter has this stressful means of making links show pictures just as they do on by using a “Twitter Card“. Those cards are the requirements for twitter to pick the elements in your site and display them in a way anyone can read it to click through. 60% of new webmasters do not know this and it takes some years of experience to realise this and more years of experience to implement the card, unless you are being aided by a pro.

Lack of Content: Nothing exist on twitter except scrolling down the feed , retweeting and liking stuffs. But is would be more time worthy if groups are available, so people of the same interest can meet and share ideas. A nice name for something like that is “Nest”. Who would not like it ?. The groups or Nest as i’ll love twitter to name it will make the who social network come a bit alive.

Twitter is confusing: Most people in twitter do not know that aside tweeting to someone you can send a direct message to them while most people confuse both.  I was once a rookie when it comes to using the two features. Another thing is that most people do not know that retweeting a post is like sharing it. And how does someone understand that the Love sign means Like. More and more confusing and contrasting feature that twitter need to review how users see this feature and how to present it in a more comprehensive way.

Thanks for reading, i will love to have your comments.

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