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Amazing facts about Mitsubishi Mirroless Cars

Amazing facts about Mitsubishi Mirroless Cars

by Samuel OnyikeJanuary 18, 2018
Mitsubishi Mirroless Cars

One of the things you ought to look out for in the upcoming years is mirrorless cars.
After UN gave the go-ahead to design cars replacing the protruding side mirrors with cameras in order to give an enhanced driving experience. It is believed that mirrorless cars will surface in Japan next year, Mitsubishi taking the lead.

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Mitsubishi design of a mirrorless car with it’s distant object recognition and real-time object recognition using Mitsubishi’s proprietary artificial intelligence poses to be safer than cars with regular side mirrors.

The camera instead of side-mirror car by Mitsubishi can recognise object 100 meters away unlike regular camera  30 meters range. Drivers can spot objects 100 meters away,literally reducing the rate of accidents and making roads safe for all. The camera in Mitsubishi mirrorless cars can tell the difference between pedestrians, motorist and objects with 81% accuracy. This is made possible by the proprietary AI developed by Mitsubishi called – Maisart AI technology. 

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