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See funny results from Google Art and Culture application – Number 8 is hilarious

See funny results from Google Art and Culture application – Number 8 is hilarious

by Samuel OnyikeJanuary 20, 2018

Google Art and culture is an application that was launched by Google this year and so far, it seems users appreciate the idea. The application literally matches your face to an art in a museum. Using facial recognition and some A.I google has so far matched the faces of 1 million plus users to their “doppelgänger” in a historic fine artwork nearby.

I have not tried the application and I will not. I won’t even share the result with anyone if I do. However i stumbled upon some of the results some users shared on the Internet, although some of the results are not a real match, at least 97% are true match.

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The application is able to bring up some historic photo database from 1,200 international museums , galleries and institution and match it to a user who runs a match test. The result is almost perfect even in cases where the user is putting on a wearable such as glasses.

Currently the application is available in few countries such as  Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and parts of the U.S, not as if you cannot trick the play store and have the application up and running on your phone.

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See photos of the results sourced from here


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