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Nokia 7 Plus leaked specifications – Dual Camera setup

Nokia 7 Plus leaked specifications – Dual Camera setup

by Samuel OnyikeFebruary 19, 2018
Nokia 7

It seemed as if I went cold on Android phone rumors, but nah, I had a minor retreat. But I have this fresh out of the box leaked specification of Nokia 7 plus. Nokia 7 is quite an awesome device but more were expected of it, so the birth of a plus version came about.

Nokia 7 Plus as it name goes has considerably an increased specification and features compared to Nokia 7. Nokia 7 is as  big as 5.2 inches can be, 16mp main camera and 5mp camera in front.
Well enough for a plus version HMD threw in 6.0 inches sized display phone as Nokia 7 plus. Primary camera seems to be in watch here, as Nokia 7 plus could come with dual rear cameras. The resolutions are pretty impressive, 16Mp for image capturing and the other, 12Mp for depth sensing. All hail mobile photography.

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CPU speed and type seems to differ. Nokia 7 runs on a Qualcomm SDM630 octa-core chipset and clocked at 2.2ghz, while the senior has Qualcomm SDM660, octa-core and clocked at 2.4ghz. So you should notice a difference in performance when using both phones.

Nokia has not seem to have given to thought, in-display fingerprint sensor. Nokia 7 plus has rear mounted ones. But I have this strong feeling, in-display sensor will feature in susbsequent phones. Anything worth knowing is the bluetooth 5.0 version and sleek body design. But all these have not been officially confirmed, so stay tuned.

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