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This is what iPhone X users are saying about the Top notch and Performance

This is what iPhone X users are saying about the Top notch and Performance

by Samuel OnyikeFebruary 5, 2018

Do you want to have the top notch on the next release?. That was the question I threw at an Apple iPhone google plus community and it got some serious attention. iPhone X has really drawn the attention of tech bloggers. The price is not befitting when the has some serious con.

The top notch is quite a controversial feature in iPhone X and even the Android lovers or fans can’t stop the criticizing. The feature which many consider intruding is inevitable prior to the placement of some vital sensors, such as the Face-ID sensor. The Face-ID is one of the reason iPhone is not considering the magical in-display fingerprint sensor.

So after my mini survey at the community, it was obvious that some iPhone X users do not really like the top notch.
In a survey of 165 votes, 45% (74 votes) loved the top notch and had no problem with it. This number is encouraging enough for to keep the top-notch. Not as if they were going to remove it anyways.

36% (54 votes) did not like the top-notch idea. Someone said it looks like an engineering design fault.

“Looks like a hardware limitation not properly resolved by the product design engineer, that probably trigger a big fight with the UX team and a great effort for the development team to adopt the new interface because of lack of time in order to release a product on time. Is my opinion”

19% (31 votes) chose to get along with the top-notch if only it was smaller. No arguments, the top-notch covers a reasonable space in the screen. Apple will be kind enough to reduce it’s size, so they can win this 19% to the 45%.

Aside the top-notch in iPhone X, something else bothers it’s users – Performance. I have not ran any performance test on iPhone X and most times I don’t trust the outputs of the performance results. That is why I judge by personal usage experience.
I can’t believe the up to $1000 device can still lag during usage. Two people commented their bad experience using the device. One preferred iPhone 8Plus after his “upgrade” to the X. He pointed out that the phone when jailbroken to boost performance has a “Crap” battery life.

“It isn’t the notch that bothers me as much as the buggy performance of the device.  I upgraded (if you wanna call it that) from a 8plus and I’m honestly thinking about switching back. I have one that is Jailbroke and I updated my 10 to 11.2.5 with hopes of better performance and now the battery life is crap. “

iPhone 7 is somehow more acceptable in terms of performance a user revealed. He decides to give Pixel 2 XL a try.

“I too find the X performance to be somewhat behind my 7plus.  I wonder if there are coded waits for the gestures.   So the phone is trying to decide if it’s a close swipe or scroll swipe.  I do know that I had less issues especially with apps on the iPhone 7plus.  It also messes up the top area of the screen often and buttons are hidden until a force close.  I think it’s time for a pixel 2 xl.  “

 I don’t want to call iPhone X a total mess but it’s beginning to be as users now blame bug for having missed calls.They put the blame on unresponsive screen. I got a tip for apple, considering Doogee walk-around would be nice. Also, making the iOS an open system can help external developers fix this bugs, but Apple is too adamant. It’s not ideal to take huge money from customers and yet fail them like Nigerian electricity distribution companies.

Will you still buy any iPhone release for $1000 plus ?

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