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Samsung’s Camera timeline since 2000

Samsung’s Camera timeline since 2000

by Samuel OnyikeMarch 9, 2018
Samsung's Camera timeline

Gone are the days of low resolution images. But we cannot forget where we’re came from so we can tell the difference from where we’re going to. This is the case of Samsung as it shares an infographic history of their phone camera since 2000.

The company really had phones with camera resolution less than 1Mp and thank God I never got to use such phone but I can tell it’s image rendering was an eye sore. Good camera resolution began with Galaxy S3 – 8Mp rear camera with BSI CMOS sensor enabled. Galaxy S4 Zoom has an exaggerated camera size but with an appreciable resolution of 16MP.

Clap for Samsung Galaxy S7, it was the beginning of the succulent dual-camera (12MP) that brought about depth sensing and introduced professionalism to photos.
It’s quite a nice piece from Samsung revealing how it began from 0.35Mp camera phones to dual (12Mp + 8MP) Samsung galaxy S9/S9+.
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