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YouTube announces direct live streaming from your phone

YouTube announces direct live streaming from your phone

by Samuel OnyikeMarch 21, 2018
YouTube announces direct live streaming from your phone

Live streaming is widely used in YouTube and Facebook, but how you use on those platforms differs. For Facebook you can hold out your phone an hit live then – Bang, you’re live and your fans can watch you anywhere in the world.

While on YouTube you have to set up certain configurations in order to get Live, i.e using a Live streaming software. YouTube’s method has it’s own advantages over Facebooks but many did not find it flexible.
YouTube has announced that a new feature will allow you to stream on the service directly from your phone. This means you just Go Live with a click.
YouTube said in a blog that they are working with Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung to begin with, and the feature should start rolling out in the coming months.
“Our goal is to bring this feature to even more device manufacturers throughout the year through the new YouTube Mobile Live deep link.”
You can use the feature if and only if your YouTube account is in verified by phone number and in “Good standing”.

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