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Gmail users receive spam mails sent by their email address

Gmail users receive spam mails sent by their email address

by Samuel OnyikeApril 23, 2018
Gmail users receive spam mails sent by their email address

Looks like the internet is under some sort of attack. Facebook has just recovered from Cambridge Analytical user data leak. Now, Google is about to have something on her neck.

Gmail users claim they have been receiving spam mails sent by their own account. The mails received were mostly ads related. Some users even after used the last of Gmail account security feature still experienced the hitch.

They spammers make the mails look like they were sent from canadian telecommunication “Canadian telecommunications company” called “Telus” . – Mashable said on sunday

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The messages were also placed on sent folder because it was from the same user.

“We are aware of a spam campaign impacting a small subset of Gmail users and have actively taken measures to protect against it,” 
“We have identified and are reclassifying all offending emails as spam, and have no reason to believe any accounts were compromised as part of this incident,” 
– Google spokesperson says. .

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“My email account has sent out 3 spam emails in the past hour to a list of about 10 addresses that I don’t recongnise. 
I changed my password immediately after the first one, but then it happened again 2 more times,” a user wrote on “Google Help Forum”.

“Google’s engineering teams are aware of this and are working on a resolution,” Google employee Seth Vargo tweeted in reply to one such complaint.

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