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Blackberry is breaking the silence with Blackberry Key 2 (TWO)

Blackberry is breaking the silence with Blackberry Key 2 (TWO)

by Samuel OnyikeMay 25, 2018

After a while we we finally got to hear from blackberry as they tease a follow-up of black-berry key one. BlackBerry may have been busy lately maybe listening to what is acceptable now in the smartphone niche and they have decided to show us what they can come up with.

In a teaser video the black matte logo company stunts Blackberry key two revealing some interesting body designs.  You can spot the physical buttons which blackberry is always known for, as if they touch screens are not good enough. Beside lies the volume rockers but one of the buttons on the right seems to be different, sparking a scent of a finger-print sensor.

Blackberry has Blackberry key two bear dual camera setup unlike the predecessor and dual flash for brighter lights. The video didn’t reveal anything concerning the front camera so we have our fingers crossed there.

Something glowy was spotted in the teaser and it’s like a new button blackberry is trying to bring in. It looks like a menu call-up button of some kind, but it should definitely do something unique, if not what’s the essence. I looked out for more features and I found the metallic design although it wasn’t that obvious.

The teaser reveals a launch date, June 7th 2018, expect the Icon Reborn.

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