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Get to know about Instagram new survey feature – Emoji Slider



Instagram is at the frontiers of rolling out social media engaging tools ever since Facebook purchased the company.
A new feature which looks to change the way you rate things is released in the updated version of the app on app stores. Instagram called it Emoji Sliders. Emoji Sliders are basically a new tool to create polls and surveys by Emoji response.

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If that is quite confusing, you can create a poll on you story and ask your friends, how Emoji it is. For an example you take a photo of a new recipe, post it online and ask your friends how tasty Emoji it is. Your fiends on the response side will use sliders to rate your new recipe.

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If you find this very interesting, you can really engage your fans online with surveys that don’t use the legacy way of response. Go over to your sticker tray to use the fun-based survey.

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Why Google pushing OEMs to release regular security updates is best for you.



Andriod phones are powered by an open source Android OS owned by Google.

Open source, meaning OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) can use Andriod OS in devices anyway fit. The free nature of Android OS allows OEMs to make customisation which makes an application standout in the Android market space, giving rise to Android Fragmentation.

Meanwhile, a different story is being told in the closed source iOS device space.

Andriod Fragmentation is refered to the reducded interoperability across devices of application. The major cause of Android Fragmentation is due to number of Android OS versions.
Google introduced project treble in Android 8.0, to tackle this rising calamity.

Normally, Google releases security patches monthly for the Andriod OS. But, it’s a herculean task for OEMs to incorporate these updates into their varying devices. Thanks to Android One, devices running Android One give lesser hassle.

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OEMs are now expected to seal a written deal with Google to frequently release Security patches to devices according to a contract document received by The Verge. It requires Andriod OEMs to push updates to popular phones.

It states that OEMs are mandated to roll out regularly updates for two years to popular device manufactured from 31st January 2018. According to Google, it classifies a popular device as a device that 100,000 and above users have activated.

In addition, from 31st January, 2019, devices labelled as “security mandatory device” must receive frequent updates within 90 days interval.

Clearly, Google doesn’t make it compulsory for OEMs to release Andriod updates to devices, instead security patches.

If an OEM doesn’t comply with Google’s terms, “Google says it could withhold approval of future phones, which could prevent them from being released”, according to The Verge.

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There’re still chances that the new contract won’t reduce Android Fragmentation in the nearest future. But in years to come, there’s a possibility of a kind of sync across varying devices. Security patches are highly important because they cover up loop holes which Google itself spots. Leaving out device in the market without paying attention to the possible room for attack is a bad habit.

In Nigeria, Android phones which I’ve come across receive security patches. The challenge is the cost of data to download the patch. It gets more serious when multiple updates which come at different times are ignored. It increases the internet data size required. Most users therefore do not mind the security updates.

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Next major release of Adobe Creative Cloud won’t support old Operating Systems




This is Bad news or Good news but it depends on how you want to take it.

Latest update from Adobe reveals that next major Abobe creative cloud release won’t support old Operating systems. The company looks to focus on modern OSes in order to take advantage of their features. Sorry, if that was bad news for you.

Adobe won’t support Windows 8.1, Windows 10 v1511 and Windows 10 v1607. Only Windows 10 v1709 or higher gets the deal. Microsoft stopped windows 8.1 general support on January 2018. Windows 7 gets a preferential treatment as Adobe CC next release will still be supported on it. Meanwhile the makers of the OS stopped support way back 2015. Good news, I think.

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Do we downgrade our Windows version if we’re running the unsupported Windows version ?

Creative cloud

Creative cloud

Likewise, Adobe latest CC release won’t be supported on MAC OS v10.11. Its quite understandable, Apple just announced Mac OS v10.14 for the fall of 2018. And it has always being Adobe’s policy to support only the three most recent Mac OS.

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This update applies to all Adobe CC application including Adobe audio and video tools.

Don’t take it hard on Adobe, they have a good reason why would force the update ?

[blockquote cite=”Adobe”]Focusing our efforts on more modern versions of Windows and Mac operating systems allows us to concentrate on developing the features and functionality most requested by members, while ensuring peak performance that takes advantage of modern hardware. [/blockquote]

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If you’re an Android user, Microsoft releases ‘your phone’, PC and Smartphone sync app



After working with Microsoft insiders since last month on “Your Phone” app, an application that syncs your Android phone with Windows PC, Microsoft has unveiled a public version of Microsoft “Your Phone” app.

Your Phone

Your Phone app

Your Phone app is only available to Windows 10 users who have April 2018 Windows update. You can get it on Microsoft store for 10mb. Another requirement to get the feature working is an Android phone running Andriod 7.0 and above.

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Your phone app helps you share stuffs between your smartphone and PC on the fly without USB. Currently, you can only drag and drop photos to PC after you’ve setup remote connections.

Microsoft is hoping to add new feature such as text message and notification sync, in order to mirror your basic phone activities on PC.

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Your Phone app would have been a feature that will come alongside Microsoft’s Redstone 5 windows 10 upgrade. But, fortunately, you got it earlier. Its unclear what plans Microsoft towards iOS version of your phone app.

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