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Get to know about Instagram new survey feature – Emoji Slider
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Get to know about Instagram new survey feature – Emoji Slider

by Samuel OnyikeMay 11, 2018

Instagram is at the frontiers of rolling out social media engaging tools ever since Facebook purchased the company.
A new feature which looks to change the way you rate things is released in the updated version of the app on app stores. Instagram called it Emoji Sliders. Emoji Sliders are basically a new tool to create polls and surveys by Emoji response.

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If that is quite confusing, you can create a poll on you story and ask your friends, how Emoji it is. For an example you take a photo of a new recipe, post it online and ask your friends how tasty Emoji it is. Your fiends on the response side will use sliders to rate your new recipe.

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If you find this very interesting, you can really engage your fans online with surveys that don’t use the legacy way of response. Go over to your sticker tray to use the fun-based survey.

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