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What is Google JBL LinkBar – Google JBL LinkBar explained

What is Google JBL LinkBar – Google JBL LinkBar explained

by Samuel OnyikeMay 7, 2018

What is Google JBL link bar that just popped out as we’re a day closer to I/O, google’s developer’s conference ? Well. Google JBL LinkBar is a voice command device made by the partnership of Google with JBL. It’s a voice controlled device with in built google assistant and Android TV. Designed to give the ever growing Android TV users a voice control over what they’re watching. It is a Rectangular bar shaped and black in color according to video below.

Okay great, what about Google home ?.
Google Home still exists but I think JBL link bar is intended to help Google Home Artificial intelligent assistant with basic tasks that has to do with TVs like – Turning on the TV, Changing channels. JBL can control other AI linked gadget just like google Home by voice , but I think it was made just for TVs.

Watch this video below:

You may want to know that JBL comes with four HDMI inputs, no sub-woofers, optical, line-in and Ethernet. And we don’t know about the pricing yet. Ridiculous how the length of the bar is almost the same with a TV.

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