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Xiaomi is going to celebrate it’s 8th anniversary with Xiaomi Mi8

This is the 8th year of the Chinese company and they have chosen to celebrate it in a big way. Xiaomi will launch Xiaomi 8 to mark their anniversary this year. This means the Xiaomi 7 will be totally replaced by the eighth version which rumors about it has been flying.

Xiaomi’s Face-ID will be seen in Xiaomi 8 as gsmarena reveals that they have been working on it for Xiaomi 7 but since 7 will be replaced, Xiaomi 8 will take the glory.

May 23rd is the possible univeil date for Xiaomi 8. You may want to know that Xiaomi 8 will come with snapdragon 845 chipset. At least that’s what a photo on weibo suggest, and isn’t it a coincidence ?

See what the packaging may look like, fingers crossed.

Xiaomi 8 phone packaging
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