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Facebook Aquila Drone Project is Dead




Even the big names experience setbacks in a big scale,  Facebook included.
The blue F company on Wednesday in a blog states that it will be shutting down it’s drone internet project -Aquila which is running at Bridgewater in England.
The company started the project back in 2014 with the idea of bringing internet to close to 4 billion people. The Aquila drone is designed to fly across an area which has no access to internet, sustained by solar energy the drone will go 60,00 feet above the ground.
Aquila (Eagle in Latin) is a project of an unmanned drone flying across an a designated area to provide internet to remote in such places.
Facebook revealed that it will abandon efforts to build it’s own aircrafts, but will focus on
partnering with companies such as Airbus to work on High Altitude Platform Station  and to advance spectrum and aviation policy
“As we’ve worked on these efforts, it’s been exciting to see leading companies in the aerospace industry start investing in this technology too —
 including the design and construction of new high-altitude aircraft. “Given these developments,
we’ve decided not to design or build our own aircraft any longer, and to close our facility in Bridgwater.”
 -Yael Maguire (Director of Engineering) wrote.


Aquila Construction


As it is with every startup facebook had major issues running the project. First was a landing crash in June 2016 which was caused by structural failure but was considered a success by Facebook.
 Aquila was not a total failure it completed a successful ride in the following year and set new significant records.
  “We’ve made important progress on some of the other key parts of the system — including setting new records using millimeter-wave (MMW)
  technology in air-to-ground and point-to-point communication. And then we more than doubled our MMW record with 40 Gbps connectivity simultaneously in both directions from a ground location to a circling Cessna aircraft over 7 kilometers away. We’ve also pushed for improvements to spectrum and aviation policy —
  including more consistency in the global regulatory environment to open up HAPS to new entrants.” – Maguire
Facebook can excuse themselves by spectrum limitations and geographical factors that hamper aero technologies
 “This has involved a lot of trial and error,” Maguire wrote. “When we started the Aquila program back in 2014, very few companies were involved in this area —  and they were all working independently of each other.
In addition, the only spectrum available for these platforms wasn’t suitable for broadband due to technical and geographical limitations.”
 “Facebook has already connected nearly 100 million people as a result of our efforts. And we are continuing to invest in developing next-generation technologies like Terragraph, working with partners on new infrastructure builds like our fiber project in Uganda, and supporting entrepreneurs in programs like Express Wi-Fi — all to help connect the 4 billion people who still do not have access to the Internet. “

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IBM’s coffee delivery drone can tell when you need a cup



Let’s start by imagining what happens when IBM’s coffee delivery drone is made commercial. Then everyone in the world makes a request for a cup of arabian coffee on the first day.

Good or Bad idea ?

Before you get thinking, let’s break down what IBM is up to. The company has patented a drone that delivers coffee on request and also by it’s accumulated algorithm. Down to a tinier bit. The drone can tell when one needs caffeine and delivers a cup.

How does it do that ?

Delivery drone

Drone photo from

IBM’s patent paperwork covers the drone which can serve guest gets access to some personal data. Access to records gathered by a tracking device or fitness device is all the drone needs. It can cross-reference your medical records to tell when to come around buzzing. That’s if granted the access in the first place.

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The patents extends to serve coffee-lovers at the bar too. One of the cases where the coffee delivery drone comes in helpful is not rampant. It can’t serve you coffee if it tells you’re feeling dizzy or drunk, by facial scans or slurriness in speech.

While this gimmick stays non-commercial,

“IBM encourages our researchers to pursue their interests even though not all of their inventions become commercial products,” .”By publishing their inventions as patents, we give our researchers the recognition they deserve and make their work public, so it can inspire new innovations.”

Spokeswoman Amanda Carl says.

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We won’t say drones are a bad idea ?, but how you use or intend to use them makes them the bad guys.

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10 iconic drone photos that expose the divisions in social class



Drone in a sunset

Drones, the aeronautic self balancing device, has become a thing in the world. With the ever increasing demand and production rate since its onset, causing a spiking increase in the global shipment graph. The robot is becoming part of human lives.

The use of the flying object in photography and videography cannot be overemphasized. But, yes, there is always a “But”. Recently in Venezuela, the President of the country, Nicolás Maduro during a speech in Caracas was attacked by two armed drones. News is that, him and his entourage escaped unharmed. There is always a bad use of something good. Which should not be enough reason to look away from the good side.

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Photos Taken by A Drone

News Atlas compiled a series of photo taken by a drone and the result it heartwarming. Its a collection of photos that simply reveals the division between the rich and poor in the society. Photo credits to Johnny Miller.

P.S: This was not written to instigate and form of violence. But to state the obvious situations we see in our everyday from a different angle.

[carousel arrows=”display” buttons=”display” caption=”display” interval=”10″]
[panel title=”” description=”Very tightly packed homes make up this slum in Mumbai, India”][/panel]
[panel title=”” description=”A coastal resort surrounded by poverty on Zanzibar Island”][/panel]
[panel title=”” description=”Contrasting buildings stay side-by-side”][/panel]
[panel title=”” description=”The Rich versus The Poor in an Epic housing battle”][/panel]
[panel title=”” description=”A street in Palo Alto, where RVs serve as permanent dwellings for those crowded out of the housing market by high prices”][/panel]
[panel title=”Baltimore street scene” description=”Similar buildings with a difference by the roofing and management”][/panel]
[panel title=”” description=”Downtown LA, with its infamous tent city in the foreground”][/panel]
[panel title=”” description=”We take the header while you take the footer, fair enough.”][/panel]
[panel title=”” description=”Tin shacks surround The Pavilion Shopping Centre, one of the largest in Africa”][/panel]
[panel title=”” description=”Very tightly packed homes make up this slum in Mumbai, India, alongside greener pastures”][/panel]

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