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Instagram TV – One Minute barrier in Instagram videos broken

Instagram TV – One Minute barrier in Instagram videos broken

by Samuel OnyikeJune 21, 2018

Big day for everyone on Instagram. The Picture social media has announced a new feature – Instagram TV. IGTV is new video creating application on your smartphone phone that comes with all the features of Instagram and an extended time length. This is good for the content creators on Instagram who merge all in one minute. IGTV breaks the one minute video barrier in the regular Instagram application, it allows for longer time while creating a video.

“Lasisi Elenu and Maraji” don’t have to split their funny videos in parts any longer. As a bonus you can add text to your videos and make funny doodles too.

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Mark Zuckerberg made the IGTV announcement on Facebook where he also made it known that Instagram has reached one billion people, all thanks to Kevin Systrom and his team.

Read the post made by Zuck below.

It’s a big day for Instagram. We’re launching IGTV — a new app designed for watching and creating video on your phone. The experience is native to mobile, with full-screen vertical videos, and the videos can be longer, not just short clips. It’s built on Instagram, so you’re already connected with your friends and favorite Instagram stars from the start. We also announced today that Instagram has reached 1 billion people. There are few products this widely used — congrats Kevin, team, and the whole community who use Instagram every day to inspire, educate and entertain each other. I’m excited to see the new ways all of you will use IGTV.

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