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Alexa Mommy-gram – Mums help yourself with this

Alexa Mommy-gram – Mums help yourself with this

by Samuel OnyikeJuly 9, 2018

Amazon Echo can serve humanity in various ways you may not have imagined yet.

Amazon Echo comes with a feature most babysitters cannot offer – Always stay close to the toddler. Echo is built with “Mummy-Gram or Daddy-Gram feature which will enable you talk with your toddler whom you may do not want to hand over a phone.

The feature works likes voice to text chat between mom and the toddler. The 1- 3 years old can ask Echo to say hello to mum and on the other end, mom will receive a text  and likewise reply by a text while Amazon voices it out to the child. Cool stuff if you do not want to play phone tag with a baby sitter.

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How does Alexa recognise human voice
Both Alexa and Google have powerful NLU (Natural Language Understanding) running on their cloud. When user speaks to the devices, his speech just transferred to the cloud and with help of NLU, they try to determine the context/intent of the user request, thus able to determine the end of the phrase.

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If they are not able to determine the intent (because user didn’t complete the sentence or user never asked a question after uttering the keyword) then a 4–5 seconds of silence determines the end of phrase.

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