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10 iconic drone photos that expose the divisions in social class
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10 iconic drone photos that expose the divisions in social class

by Samuel OnyikeAugust 18, 2018

Drones, the aeronautic self balancing device, has become a thing in the world. With the ever increasing demand and production rate since its onset, causing a spiking increase in the global shipment graph. The robot is becoming part of human lives.

The use of the flying object in photography and videography cannot be overemphasized. But, yes, there is always a “But”. Recently in Venezuela, the President of the country, Nicolás Maduro during a speech in Caracas was attacked by two armed drones. News is that, him and his entourage escaped unharmed. There is always a bad use of something good. Which should not be enough reason to look away from the good side.

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Photos Taken by A Drone

News Atlas compiled a series of photo taken by a drone and the result it heartwarming. Its a collection of photos that simply reveals the division between the rich and poor in the society. Photo credits to Johnny Miller.

P.S: This was not written to instigate and form of violence. But to state the obvious situations we see in our everyday from a different angle.


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