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Amazon integrates Alexa with Microsoft Cortana, preview is out

Amazon integrates Alexa with Microsoft Cortana, preview is out

by Chukwuemeka OmekaraAugust 18, 2018

Alexa, whats today’s weather?

Alexa, turn on light?

Alexa,open Netflix?

Alexa set my alarm?

Oh my god! it even detects pregnancy in recent times.

Many years ago such functionality was termed science fiction, but today top tech companies like google, amazon, Microsoft, apple, Samsung has conquered the fiction and it is all science now. They did this through their respective Google assistant, Alexa, Cortana, Siri,and Bixby powered devices. I just can’t stop admiring Google’s assistant which seems to be one of the best for mobile devices due to its ability to access the vast information on Google itself.

Now, amazon and Microsoft are combining the superpowers of Alexa and Cortana, this integration was first announced last year and illustrated in the beginning of the year at Microsoft build developer conference.

So, in-order to make sure this development is user compatible, a preview has been launched and made available to US based users to test functionality. Although to perform this function and access additional apps and services, you will need to do a summon.

This preview is basically just to get user feedback to enable their engineers enhance the collaboration between alexa and cortana. so,this integration is in its basic state now which requires an awkward process of calling up one in another.

To try out alexa on cortana on a windows 10 pc, you have to say “Hey cortana, Open alexa” . And to try cortana out on an Echo device you have to say “Alexa open Cortana”

This new development would probably deliver more experience on these assistants especially on windows Cortana which it’s development is seen to be static and slow as seen in windows 10 compared to Alexa which appears on fridges speakers,toaster and other home devices

How much do you love these gadget assistants?.

Comment below on the type of assistant you enjoy using, google is always the A game for me.

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