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Android phones vs iPhones in Nigeria (most famous, most popular)

Android phones vs iPhones in Nigeria (most famous, most popular)

by Samuel OnyikeAugust 30, 2018

Android smartphones and iPhones are inarguably the top two Smartphone variants in Nigeria.

Its either you’re an Android phone user or an iPhone user. You barely see anyone tagging along both rivals. It’s one of the situations where you have to pick a side. It even gets to a point that rivaling smartphone owners engage in an inconclusive, tense, debate between iPhone and Android phones. πŸ˜’.

But, I just want to state the obvious.

Most Famous

In Nigeria, people tend to classify you by the phone you carry at hand. You’re carrying an iPhone ? You’re are rich. Setting the Apple product on a premium level without much ado. In the extended Android phone family, Samsung smartphones are the most glorified.

Apple LOGO

Apple LOGO

Somewhere in Lagos, you can’t get a into social events without a premium tier smartphone. πŸ™„.

Placing iPhones and Android phones on a scale-O-Glory. iPhones takes the it all, hence it is regarded “Only for the rich”. Quality has been the secret behind iPhone’s success. Apple spends an intelligent amount of resources in putting cutting-edge features into the glassy device. For a regular Nigerian, the camera quality of iPhones is the selling point. Going under the hood, iPhones give good results par performance.

Most Popular

Android phones are the most popular smartphone variant in Nigeria. By mere assumptions, one can estimate the ratio of iPhone users to Android users by 1:10. This means for every 10 Android phone users, there is 1 iPhone users. Reason being that, the cheapest product wins the heart.

Android LOGO

Android LOGO

Three smartphone tiers exists in the phone market. Calculating by the Nigerian currency.

  • Premium tier: phones above N100,000.
  • Middle range: phones below N100,000, but above N40,000
  • Low-end: phones below N40,000.

What makes the difference is in Android phones is not usually the varying features and specification, but the quality. Premium-tier Android phones are invariably better than iPhones owning to the fact that Open source operating systems satisfy consumers more.

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