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Check out the new kickoff matches to be seen in FIFA 19

Check out the new kickoff matches to be seen in FIFA 19

by Chukwuemeka OmekaraAugust 21, 2018

Do you know that football has the highest fan base than any other sport? Well so does football games, at least am sure about that in my country. For years now, the best soccer games for console’s now and PC’s are the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and as gaming experience differs for each soccer game, a lot of people have their own preference as FIFA while others as PES and this has triggered a lot of argument in the gaming community. So these game developers are working hard to optimize gameplay for more user experience

FIFA is going to launch their 2019 game before PES by 28th September for the PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Nintendo switch and PC. FIFA is always giving us a chance to get a taste of the world most prestigious club competition with an intriguing UEFA Champions league.

We couldn’t help coming across the new kick off mode FIFA added to their 19 game. We know FIFA has a reputation of creating ways in which users would enjoy the kick mode and this year FIFA 19 is really a buzz.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the new kick off modes to be seen in FIFA 19

Classic match: Welcoming to the table of six, the boss, the first existing kick off match, the”classic kickoff“(i just feel like someone clapped). This mode consists of the user vs CPU, or CPU vs CPU, or user vs user match mode without any modified rules or added visuals.

UEFA champions league: It was previously seen in PES games as exhibition under the main UEFA league, but FIFA has advanced its own. UEFA is the most prestigious club competition in the world and its gameplay has been integrated into kickoff as it is to the rest of FIFA 19. Choosing From group stage matches to the Final, you can set up a custom Champions League match with specific visuals, rules, and more that provide a realistic, immersive tournament experience.

House rule match: This match mode is the most interesting. have you ever thought, “cards sucks!, I just wish I could slide that leg to injury before he scores” or “lets see the king of volleys or header, we are not going to count any goals that isn’t scored with header or volley today”, or even wanted to tweak any football rule or play with no rules at all. well, guess what?, FIFA is bringing a lot of those fantasies to life through the house rule kick off match. this mode consists of mainly 5 selection which we will briefly discuss.

  • No rules: I think this is the ultimate wish for every one, maybe, maybe not , at least; it is for me. in this mode, there is no offside calls, no card bookings, no fouls. It just turns the pitch to a battle field with just one rule “get the ball into the net”.
  • Survival mode: This tactical mode creates the greatest challenge of all. this mode operates uniquely with one rule which is, “score a goal and loose a player”. In other to make a challenge, this mode allows the CPU to remove any random player from your team when you score excluding your goalkeeper. The goal of the mode is to make it tough for you to score again giving the opponent more room to score back, so you might want to slow your pace in scoring goals in order to win. So if your a good player you can win with 5 players remaining and 6 goal’s. The main focus in this game should be to win a goal or two.
  • Long range: In this mode, you get your goals recorded as double when you score from outside the keepers box and as one when you score from inside the box. This would be exciting to play as players would tend to try shots from outside the box.
  • First to: With this mode, players can customise the match conditions for winning. this mode doesn’t actually tweak the clock to keep running until conditions are met but runs all conditions during match time. In this match, you can set golden or silver goals, you can set first to score any amount of goals. It just depends on the competition you are trying to create.
  • Headers and volleys: Only goals scored with a header or volley counts in this match. Any other form of goals excluding free kick’s and penalties wont be recorded ….sounds interesting right?

Best of series: This kick of allows you to play a series of classic matches, then you can determine the winner through the overall match result

Home and away: This feature is usually seen only in league or cup competition but now, you can play home and away in normal matches through this kick off. All the normal home and away rules such as away goals, home advantage etc applies to this match.

Cup finals: Now you can fix a cup reward like that of a real life match for every good game you play, yes! Yes!. Any cup, be it champions league, Europa league, FA cup, etc. This would probably increase gaming experience for users due to the official kits, match ball, stadiums and authentic broadcast overlays. now you play a single match and win all the glories as a champion

In addition to theses kick off mode, FIFA announced on easports that the would be adding a stat tracking feature which will store and analyse each users played kickoff match. This data would be used for making analysis for game plan to make choices of what works for your team, what playing style works best for you etc. This stat data for each console user can be stored exclusively online and be accessed from any other console to continue gameplay, so typically you can still access your stats when you play with your friend in your friends console when you go for a visit.

I give FIFA a thumbs up for all these changes and new stuffs we are getting in the FIFA 19 game, and folks would want to probably be migrating to FIFA hearing all theses. But I know PES would be working round the clock to make sure they bring more enticing changes to their own PES 2019.

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