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Minimum phone battery capacity so you won’t tag along a charger




She’s dressed in a red velvet gown. Glowing like a star, but right in her fancy bag is a 5v phone charger. His suit is world class, nicely finished. But in his inner pocket lies a power bank and a USB cable. The reason is obviously the fear of staying with a dead phone.

Of both genders, females carry around chargers and power banks than males.

Which is totally understandable, they love technology more. And can’t stay without having a selfie or making it pass a new candy crush level.

Battery low

Battery low. Source : PSafe

Battery capacity is sometimes overlooked when going to buy a phone. But its heart breaking, when you’re not close to an outlet and your phone beeps that dreaded red sign. Can we for a day keep those chargers at home and worry not about running low on battery ? This is why we recommend at least 4000mAh as the minimum battery capacity for any phone you may want to get.

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[blockquote cite=”Veloxity.US”]A whopping 84 percent of respondents in New York City reported having experienced low battery anxiety compared to 71 percent, 70 percent and 64 percent in Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia, respectively.[/blockquote]

Verily verily I say unto you, there is no battery capacity that is enough.?

We must let you know that your phone’s battery life is directly proportional to usage. The more intensive use of your phone, the faster the battery runs out. This means even for phone with 10,000mAh battery, you can still run low. Try playing FIFA for 12hrs on that battery.

women charging phone most

But who is going to play the EA game for 6hrs ??.

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Take a look at the battery capacity following latest phones. You’ll observe how phone makers keep the battery capacity between 3000mAh to 5000mAh. This means on average a long lasting phone should have at least 4000mAh. Phones with 5000mAh plus are rare.

Exception of Gionee M series.?.

List of phones with 4000mAh plus battery capacity we could spot at the moment.

  • Itel P32 (4000mAh)
  • Gionee Marathon M5 (6020mAh)
  • Gionee M7 Power
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (4000mAh)
  • Huawei P20 pro (4000mAh)
  • Oppo Realme 2 (4230mAh)
  • Infinix Hot 6 pro (4000mAh)
  • Infinix Zero 6 pro (4000mAh).

Charging in public can come with an epic experience

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Smartphone Apps Every Nigerian have and They Can’t Deny it



smartphone apps Nigerians have

In every smartphone owned by Nigerians, one must come across certain types of applications. Nigerian’s culture and environment made it that way. Nigerians have these common application in their smartphones because it equally helps their everyday life.

The “because the next person has it, I think I must have it” influence plays a huge role in how people get applications into their phone. But it’s not only that. Nigerians are productive people and must make sure they use their time in doing something that’s its worth spending time on. Say social media or the news.

Smartphone's increases your productivity

Smartphone’s increases your productivity

Smartphone App every Nigerian must have

Social Media App

Yes, this is the number one type of application every Nigerian have. It more like a culture, once you buy a new smartphone, you install all of the social media apps. Mainly, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where all the savages happen. Nigerians also love to connect with one another and the internet makes it easier. Besides slay queens have to slay.

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Instant Messaging App

Messaging is an important factor in the Nigerian society and the most common instant messaging app, Whatsapp, is a must-have. It’s so common that it being used as a verb.

“Whatsapp me once when you get the alert” – A client chatting up his Contractor.

Whatsapp group makes it even more interesting. Friends stay phone apart from each other. The functionality embedded in instant messaging apps threatens the use of traditional SMS messaging.

Tip: Organizations even have WhatsApp groups too.

News Delivery App

News delivery applications exists in every Nigerians phone, one way or the other. It could be integrated in a browser or as a standalone. The most popular, Opera News have a very high usage rate in Nigeria, followed by UC news which comes along with UC Browser. You are the boss, when you know the latest happenings in Nigeria. You talk of any latest news; you already have a listening audience. This is because Nigerians are so keen to know what is going on around them. They want to know who said what, when, why and even how.

  Android phones vs iPhones in Nigeria (most famous, most popular)

File Sharing App

You can’t mention of the latest movie and not share it with your friends. Or even play a nice song without having someone ask you for it. Unless the song is a boring one. File sharing applications are common in Nigeria. The most popular, Xender exists in every phone that is owned by a Nigerian. it supports sharing to multiple phones a once at a high speed. Thanks to the fact that it uses Wi-Fi as the means of connection. Well, that didn’t scrap bluetooth till today.

Hint: Some Nigerians don’t go to cinema to watch movies, they just Xender it.

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Between itel P32 and itel S23, which mid-ranger is the best buy



You can agree with me that its a tough choice to make when it comes to choosing between two good phones like itel P32 and itel s32. Both devices are very cheap and can satisfy your smartphone needs, but it all depends on what you want.

Check out the specifications of itel P32 and itel S32 to get basic information on them.

itel S32 and itel P32

itel S32 and itel P32

Comparing itel P32 and itel S32

Battery Capacity

Most smartphones don’t come with enough battery to keep the phone on throughout a day. Owning such phone, you’ll be forced to visit the wall socket more than once a day. Between itel S32 and itel P32, the later has bigger battery, 4000mAh. It has proven to last two days on a single charge, fair usage applied.

Storage Space

Aside from the fact that external memory plays a huge role by expanding storage size. Its not a crime to have a comfortable internal phone storage that would make you neglect a memory card. The two phones in quote don’t have the Gionee M5 type of internal storage but the come with just enough to store your files. itel S32 comes wth 16GB internal storage while its counterpart gives 8GB for internal storage.

  Android phones vs iPhones in Nigeria (most famous, most popular)


Laggy phones are your worst nightmare, trust me. They can make you smash them and have no regrets until you realize what you have done. itel P32 and itel S32 run on the same chipset and at same speed. But itel P32 has an upper hand, Android Go. itel mobile took the advantage of Android 8.0 to integrate a lightweight OS into itel P32. Therefore making it relatively faster than itel S32.


Mobile phototgraphy and selfies cannot be overemphasized. Everyone loves a phone with awesome camera quality. We found it difficult to decide between itel P32 and itel S32, which one has the best camera features. At the end it all lies on what you want to get.

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itel S32 is best for selfies, as it has dual-front camera at 2.0mp and 8.0mp. itel P32 is better for mobile photography, because its rear camera which is ideal for non-selfie shots is a dual combo, 5mp + 5mp. In general, itel S32 create higher image quality in both front and rear camera cases.


itel S32 is more expensive compared to itel P32. itel S32 and itel P32 cost ₦42,500 and ₦26,500 respectively.

Final words

In buying a phone, you go for what you intend to use the phone for. For photos, make sure the camera specs are on the high side, talk of 8Mp. Those that love long lasting batteries should look for 4,000mAh as the minimum battery requirement. Phone with both high quality camera and long lasting battery are usually top-tier phones and they dig deep into budget, unless you really have to, go for them.

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Android phones vs iPhones in Nigeria (most famous, most popular)



Android smartphones and iPhones are inarguably the top two Smartphone variants in Nigeria.

Its either you’re an Android phone user or an iPhone user. You barely see anyone tagging along both rivals. It’s one of the situations where you have to pick a side. It even gets to a point that rivaling smartphone owners engage in an inconclusive, tense, debate between iPhone and Android phones. 😒.

But, I just want to state the obvious.

Most Famous

In Nigeria, people tend to classify you by the phone you carry at hand. You’re carrying an iPhone ? You’re are rich. Setting the Apple product on a premium level without much ado. In the extended Android phone family, Samsung smartphones are the most glorified.

Apple LOGO

Apple LOGO

Somewhere in Lagos, you can’t get a into social events without a premium tier smartphone. 🙄.

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Placing iPhones and Android phones on a scale-O-Glory. iPhones takes the it all, hence it is regarded “Only for the rich”. Quality has been the secret behind iPhone’s success. Apple spends an intelligent amount of resources in putting cutting-edge features into the glassy device. For a regular Nigerian, the camera quality of iPhones is the selling point. Going under the hood, iPhones give good results par performance.

Most Popular

Android phones are the most popular smartphone variant in Nigeria. By mere assumptions, one can estimate the ratio of iPhone users to Android users by 1:10. This means for every 10 Android phone users, there is 1 iPhone users. Reason being that, the cheapest product wins the heart.

Android LOGO

Android LOGO

Three smartphone tiers exists in the phone market. Calculating by the Nigerian currency.

  • Premium tier: phones above N100,000.
  • Middle range: phones below N100,000, but above N40,000
  • Low-end: phones below N40,000.
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What makes the difference is in Android phones is not usually the varying features and specification, but the quality. Premium-tier Android phones are invariably better than iPhones owning to the fact that Open source operating systems satisfy consumers more.

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