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Samsung foldable smartphone in photos – Concept

Samsung wants to get ahead and they have a way of doing that. The didn’t want to be the first to launch a 5G enabled phone but sure the want to be the first to release A foldable smartphone.

Rumors have been surrounding Samsung’s foldable phone regarding what name it’s going to bear. The most prominent is “Galaxy F” which the “F” literally means Foldable – Samsung Galaxy Foldable. How does that sound ?. On the flip, “Galaxy X” is a nice name for such a flagship device which is the first of its kind in the entire world. But what will be the subsequent naming system for the following up devices ?, Samsung Galaxy XI ?. Who Knows.

In my Opinion Samsung Galaxy X suits the frame.

Samsung Galaxy foldable phones render

Samsung foldable phone concept close to what you should look out for rendered on a German website, nieuwe mobiel. The concept is closest following what Samsung patented for. The main idea is the fact that it is foldable. But on a closer look, you’ll observe the precise folding that doesn’t cover the screen all up, sequel to Microsoft Surface Book laptop. It leaves room for a some control taps of user currently running app, like music player. The phone is not made of paper so you should expect that much of a flat-folded devices.

The pictures reveal a 90 degrees sitting device which I don’t see the need for sitting a phone down, yet. Unless you want to play around with half screen apps. The foldable phone can still stretch flat to a regular, but the rendered images shows an uncommon aspect ratio. Who knows the ratio ? Photos shows us dual camera setup behind, but we urge you to expect more. Samsung Galaxy S10 possibly will come with triple camera to set the pace for Samsung’s smartphones camera systems.

Nieuwe Mobiel shows us that fingerprint sensors lies behind, which I think is not quite befitting for a foldable phone. An in-display fingerprint sensor would be nice, so that its foldability doesn’t make touching the sensor a strain. We can’t say much about the pricing as we expect it to be a high-range device.

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