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Samsung Galaxy S10 will be 5G compatible

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be 5G compatible

by Samuel OnyikeAugust 27, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S10, the 10th anniversary phone of the Korean is undoubtedly at the center of all rumor mills. But we peruse every information to give you the best anyway 😉.

Samsung is expected to launch two jaw-dropping phones next year – Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F. Galaxy F which is presumably the first foldable phone in the whole world is as incredible the concept picture tells.

Samsung Galaxy S10 concept photo

Samsung Galaxy S10 concept photo

Galaxy S10 would probably come with 5G after all. With the information coming from Samsung’s chipset manufacturer, Qualcomm, the odds are in favor. Qualcomm is cooking a 7nm (nano-meter) chipset that is 5G compatible according to an official statement. Qualcomm stated that the upcoming SoC is designed to make “premium tier” devices 5G compactible. The 7nm chipset perhaps will follow the preset naming method to bear Snapdragon 855, since the previous one goes by Snapdragon 845.

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Why would Samsung Galaxy S10 be 5G compatible ?

Basically, Qualcomm is the major chipset supplier for Samsung’s premium phones like Galaxy Note 9. Traditionally, Samsung’s newest phones get the newest Qualcomm chipsets. We don’t expect Galaxy F to take the “First 5G enabled Samsung Phone” glory from Galaxy S10.

7nm chipset which is 5G compatible allows for faster processing in a cooler temperature at a lesser batter cost. Forbes hints Apple has the same in stock for next trio iPhone devices.

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