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The best cloud storage service in 2018

The best cloud storage service in 2018

by Samuel OnyikeAugust 17, 2018


What is the best online storage plan ?

Which cloud storage is cheapest ?

Which one is the safest ?

The series of question that come to mind when one is seeking for an online storage service provider. We’ve looked at the top 5 storage providers and we pointed out the best one, to save you the stress. Our top 5 Cloud storage providers are

  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • iCloud
  • Dropbox
  • One drive

We didn’t choose them at random. Rather we’ve tested them and have been able to tell the difference by experience. The two major criterias that comes in mind is the storage size and at what price. Security is also paramount when it comes to choosing a cloud storage service but the chances of a hack or loss of file is low. Dropbox sometime in 2016 had an attack which cost 68 million users. This is the reason they are our fourth choice. But their storage plans offer are friendly.

Why Cloud Storage ?

With the incessant progress in the brinks of technology, storage space becomes a thing to worry about. Almost every phone in the market comes with an option to use an offline external storage device. But limits are set to the amount of external storage a phone can handle. Laptop or Desktop users are quick to get offline external drives to satisfy their storing needs. Has that been enough ?

As useful as external device can be, they are not accessible on-the-go. For those whose movements are rampant may find it bulky to carry about Laptops accompanied with an external device. And its not that comfy to pull out the storage box to use. This is where cloud storage comes in handy. You can say a cloud storage service is an online external storage device. Easily accessible once you have internet access. The free plans in most cloud storage service comes with free 5GB or more to keep any type of file.

Which is the best cloud storage service in 2018

Google Drive Logo

Google Drive Logo

Google Drive. Google drive has so beaten the marks set by other cloud storage services as much as we can tell. Google LLC is replacing Google Drive with Google One, a new name which will replace the former but will still offer the same service.  According to Google,

Google One Logo

Google One Logo

Google One plans will start at 100 GB for $1.99, 200 GB for $2.99, and 2 TB for $9.99 per month, while pricing for plans larger than 2TB will remain the same. (Existing 1 TB Drive plans will be upgraded to 2 TB at no extra cost.)

This means those who already have a storage plan on Google drive will be automatically migrated to Google one at no cost.

Why Google Drive/Google one ?

Google has proven to be the best in numerous service the company renders. With just on Google account you have unlimited access to mail account, social media account, online storage plan, application store, and the list goes on. Google drive began six years ago, 24th

April, 2012 precisely. So far there has been no hack or breach history for any Google account. The prices of their storage plan is fair enough compared to others. With Google drive you get 15GB of free space which is 3 times what iCloud, OneDrive and Dropbox all offer on a free plan.

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