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The cheapest Underwater VR headset money can get

The cheapest Underwater VR headset money can get

by Samuel OnyikeAugust 13, 2018

Imagine using a Virtual Reality headset underwater, it’s really a promising interesting experience, the buoyancy you will experience adds to the fun, making you feel like you’re actually in space. But sadly there is no dedicated underwater headset in the stores. The VR technology is fast growing and startups have sprung towards its developments.

But as usual someone on the internet always got your back. At some point there is no thrill in the immersive VR if your legs still touch the ground. Well, If you choose to get wet using VR, Robots Everywhere has a solution that works. He demonstrated an underwater VR headset made of custom 3D printed material and couple of cheap DIY materials on YouTube.

Underwater VR headet toolsTo create the underwater VR headset, he employed the basic waterproofing tools, a 5 dollars Amazon sourced waterproof pouch for sealing the phone and a pair of swimming goggles to prevent water from entering your eyes at will. He used Google’s cardboard due to its resistance to water and strength. Then his custom 3D printed part is placed accordingly with a tape to prevent water from registering an action on the screen.

Watch the demo video below.

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