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How to use mtn mPulse plan to download and browse any app or site

How to use mtn mPulse plan to download and browse any app or site

by Chukwuemeka OmekaraSeptember 6, 2018

We informed you earlier here about how MTN slashed their MTN night plan from 500mb to 125mb.this was not pleasant to hear but all the same, when one door closes another one opens.

Believe me MTN management is in a hot financial position now as Nigeria is lashing them with different fines which weights billions of dollars adding to the already incurred bank loan Dept, but it is a good thing the know that loosing customers is not an ideal way of gaining financial stability so I think in order to make up for the slashed night plan, the introduced a new mPulse plan

mPulse plan was made for children between 9 to 15 years to enable them gain access to educational materials for their study. MTN made this possible by raising a firewall for any website or app the felt didn’t provide these materials thereby limiting this plan to all google apps like YouTube,podcast,news,gmail drive,chrome (not all site can be accessed),and any other google apps you can think of, the also including a free WhatsApp for this bundle.

Believe me, even kids want more,now everyone would want to be an MTN child so we are going to show you the path without any browsing restrictions. We are going to show you how to download with the normal plan and how to power all apps to get unrestricted internet access with this plan

Click here to do the MTN mPulse plan


  • Get the link to any file you want to download
  • Click this link, then save to google drive
  • Login your gmail to save successfully to your google drive
  • To access this file for download open your google drive app click on the file you just uploaded, then download to your phone with mPulse plan


  • Download http ejector here
  • Download the configuration file here(this file is updated always so, check back when yours stops working)
  • Open the app and locate downloaded config file
  • Start the app, then browse any app or site or download anything if your phone starts a VPN connection
  • This is probably the best way to enjoy this mPulse plan so flex while it last

It is important to note that this configuration file could stop working anytime so always come back to check for updates

The configuration file of http server for rooted devices isn’t available for now, so also check out for that update

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