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iPhone Xs falls 4 times in a test and didn’t break a sweat – Video

iPhone Xs falls 4 times in a test and didn’t break a sweat – Video

by Samuel OnyikeSeptember 22, 2018

During the launch of the currently most expensive phone in the world – iPhone Xs, Apple bragged that the device has the most durable glass ever seen in smartphone.

covered on the front and the back with a new formulation of glass that is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone. Phil Schiller, Apple's marketing chief,

Skeptics went high as the iPhone X according to Cnet failed a drop test. Anyway, Cnet tried again, took the $1000 plus iPhone Xs on a drop test and the results shows a difference. iPhone Xs has the same looks and design with iPhone X but it seems apple packed in more juice on the glass.

Cnet says Apple declined any feedback regarding the stronger iPhone X. But the open secret is that Corning, the screen glass supplier to major phone manufacturers including Samsung, made supplies to Apple. It wasn’t made open if Apple covered iPhone Xs with the latest Corning glass – Gorilla Glass 6. Corning actually announced Oppo mobile phone company to be the first to adopt Gorilla Glass 6.

After a fall from 5 feet, eye level, iPhone Xs stayed strong. You can liken it to when Iron-man could only scratch Thanos’s face a bit, after he used up all he had on Thanos.

So what did Apple do with iPhone Xs?


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After four falls from up to 5 feet onto the concrete sidewalk, this iPhone XS came out almost intact. It has a few tiny dents and scrapes on the frame and the side of the camera, but the glass is nearly flawless. Cnet


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