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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)- What makes it unique

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)- What makes it unique

by Samuel OnyikeSeptember 22, 2018

Two days ago, Samsung announced the latest addition to the Galaxy A series – Galaxy A7 (2018) in a low key. The predecessor device, Galaxy A6 (2018) was released on May, this year. Galaxy A series is one of the series that comes with follow-up variants. Don’t complicate this recent Samsung Galaxy A7 with the Galaxy A7 released in 2017, hence the “2018” name addendum.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) comes with a unique feature that distinguishes it in the family – Triple rear-camera. In a dual camera set-up, one of the camera is the depth-of field sensor. Same goes in a triple camera setup only that that third camera is for wide angle capturing. Galaxy A7 (2018) rocks 24Mp camera with 8Mp wide angle camera and 5Mp lens for depth sensing. Depth of field is the professional term for background blur.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 – First Samsung Phone with Triple Camera

The camera allows you to adjust the bokeh effect while taking a photo in order to make it look more realistic. The 24Mp has a trick under it sleeves, and this is basically what phone cameras do in low lighting conditions. It can combine four pixels into one pixel to brighten up photos in a low-light environment. This won’t tell much on the photo quality but can cost you some resolution. The front facing camera shoots images at 24Mp with f2.0 aperture size.

Samsung Galaxy A7(2018) comes with a serious 6.0 infinity display screen. Infinity display is just the naming but the display screen takes up most of the front, with the curved edges that makes the viewing experience immersive. Although, Galaxy A7 (2018) gave much gap above and below the screen to house front facing camera and necessary sensors.

You wouldn’t spot any fingerprint sensor behind the phone because Samsung had it place on the side to double as a power button and security check. Fancy color options exists to satisfy your style taste, blue, black, gold and pink.

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According to a press released by the company, “the Galaxy A7 will be available in select European and Asian markets from this fall and expand to additional markets in the near future”.

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