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Windows 10 October update 2018 and Windows-on-Snapdragon

Windows 10 October update 2018 and Windows-on-Snapdragon

by Samuel OnyikeSeptember 3, 2018

During the ongoing IFA 2018 tech convocation at Berlin, Germany, Microsoft made series of head-turning announcements. Microsoft announced a Windows 10 update promising it will feature loaded and bring new enhancements. The update is expected to hit 700 million device running the Windows OS beginning on the first half of October, sources hint. Officially, the update is named Windows 10 October 2018 update, but code-named version 1809.

I’m pleased to announce that our next feature update to Windows will be called the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. With this update, we’ll be bringing new features and enhancements to the nearly 700 million devices running Windows 10 that help people make the most of their time. We’ll share more details about the update over the coming weeks. Roanne Sones, Corporate Vice President

What Roanne meant by “Windows 10 that help people make the most of their time”, is integrating Windows 10 into light weight devices to keep users productive even on-the-go. A good examples is Lenovo “Yoga C630 initiating Windows-on-Snapdragon (WOS), which  is the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 powered Lenovo device.

Lenovo Yoga C630

Lenovo Yoga C630: Source – Windows Central

“Devices like the Lenovo Yoga C630 WOS, as well as connected PCs from ASUS and HP that went on sale earlier this year, are ensuring that we have a robust and diverse portfolio of products to keep users connected and happy,” added Erin Chapple, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft.

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