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Hot! Get mtn 7gb for #50 tested and working

Hot! Get mtn 7gb for #50 tested and working

by Chukwuemeka OmekaraNovember 1, 2018

With the current economic situation our country is facing, data price is mostly expensive and sometimes unaffordable for people who consume gigabytes of data daily. New deals has been coming out recently with the likes of mtn mpulse ,mtn free 1gb daily, airtel #200 for 4.6gb , glojolof 100 for 5gb and so on.

All this deals are current not working or has had their data slashed with exception to mtn mpulse so today, we are bringing you a new deal of #50 for 7gb which can be accumulated to 1tb if u want.

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Simply load #50

Dial *662# to open goodybag data services…you can also do this with*123# and following the process with 3,3,6 and 1.

Choose wechat by inputting 6

Choose #50 weekly

Activate the plan and that’s all


To check data simply dial *131*4# u will see 5.2gb

Then also use *559# to check the remaining 2gb

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Repeat the process to accumulate more data if you want

It is highly important to note that the deal selects sim so if one sim doesn’t work, take another sim and try again


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