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How to browse and download with mtn mpulse data without config file using Samsung max

How to browse and download with mtn mpulse data without config file using Samsung max

by Chukwuemeka OmekaraNovember 5, 2018

Samsung max is a VPN app that performs a lot of functions such as providing privacy protection for browsing, monitoring and managing data usage, blocking of ads etc. But the major function we are going to be discussing here is its ability to power the Mtn Mpulse data which before works for only YouTube and goggle apps.

I will call this app a final solution to the troubles of using the Mtn Mpulse data of 1.2gb for 1GB. This app solved the issue of expiring configuration file for http injector, eproxy and other VPN apps that power the Mtn Mpulse data. This app does not need configuration files of any sort it works flawlessly, does not expire, connects fast and has the fastest browsing and downloading speed so far that I have seen.

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  • Android phone with a version of 5.0 and above
  • Mpulse data (click here for more info)

If you posses this two requirement above, then proceed to download premium version for app( full feature + no ads) here

Then Switch on mobile data saving mode and privacy protection then connect and enjoy while it lasts.

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It is important to know that migration to Mpulse tariff is currently on hold and also For people with lower android version, you can still use our http injector file here and join our WhatsApp group here to receive updates on configuration files

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